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questforkiya in wpg_misty_grdns

Re: Former employee of Misty Gardens

Thanks for writing in Jan 25th. I have worked on trying to get the authorities to look at this but they won't. They say it's a civil thing about not getting what you paid for. Ya right. Please email me At questforkiya@hotmail.com. It's not over.... Thanks. 

To all pet owners affected by this unbelievable ordeal:
We realize that everyone is trying to move on.  The work has been done to approach govt. with the proposed laws but those who compiled the information feel it would be fair to have the public's input.  Believe it that this is still happening today.   While we are at it, I think it's about time to also change the term "waste" when describing the remains of our pets.  Just look at the multiple bylaws or organizations within the province.  And hey why not give Brady a call and ask them.  You only have to bag your pet twice and it's just peachy to toss them in there.  Please consult with your local vet about disposal.  Oh, and get it in writing.
P.S. For those of you who do not know, your pet is conscientiously placed into a plain old garbage bag and not a special bag that says it's anything other than garbage.   (blankets can't hold in the release of fluids from the body in transit). Let's just say we need to make a few changes, hmm?



you have summed the whole thing up in one go, harsh and true, I guess we can only think they (some vets, some government laws and enforcers)don't give a (pardon the language)shit about people who have a pet they cherish like the life they want to keep forever even if it is in memories. I think you have really cut to the chase and turned the light on.


I believe she is back in business???