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justice4katie in wpg_misty_grdns

Manitoba Pet Cemetery Laws

 Hello to all.  Some time ago it was posted that there were people working behind the scenes to get laws passed to ensure that Gail Harrison and others never hurt pet owners again.  The time has come to act on that promise.  Over the last 3 months, research has been done on laws from Alberta to New York to Florida in order to find something that would suite our situation here in Manitoba.  It was decided that the New York and Illinois Pet Cemetery Laws were the best to be used as a blueprint.  Those laws have been reworked and reworded.  
The intention of the proposed laws are to regulate the industry, hold veterinarians and pet crematoriums responsible for their actions, and prevent monsters like Gail Harrison from ever re-entering the pet cemetery/crematorium business again.  The proposed laws would not over-regulate the existing businesses that are acting with integrity and honor to the point where they are no longer economically viable. 
After reviewing the Manitoba laws, it is understood that Gail Harrison broke no laws regarding the disposal of our beloved pets and if she is to be charged, it will be for the improper storage of the syringes, and biohazardous materials.  There are laws for farmers regarding the storage and disposal of dead stock, (livestock only), but not domesticated animals.  Manitoba Health even has an online how to sheet with instructions how to dispose of a dead animal in the garbage.  The laws don't need to be changed, there are no laws in Manitoba to change.  The laws need to be drawn up and enacted.  
An MLA for one of the rural Manitoba ridings has come on board and offered to address the Misty Gardens Pet Cemetery Horror in Parliament by entering proposed laws as a Private Member's Bill.  He supports that the proposed laws first be previewed by the victims of Misty Gardens, prior to being handed over to him.   If there is enough interest, perhaps a meeting could be planned.  If not, the proposed laws will be given to the MLA for to use as he sees fit.  For all of you victims who are interested in having a voice in these proposed laws, please contact us at:          petsofmisty@yahoo.com
Thank you to all.



It's not over....

If ever there was a time when people need to come together, well this is it. It was incredibly difficult when our loved animal companions left this world. We sure as heck didn't need to have to go through the anguish and frustration that we faced when all this happened, and with what we found out. Integrity? Wow.... I know we have all moved forward but I for one will never forget. So, if nothing can be done about the past even with the evidence available, at least future pet owners might have powers looking out for them, and receive their pet that they wanted cremated. As for those who had the power to make changes but did not, well shame on you! One can go through life with blinders on, but the universe has laws all of it's own. Good luck with that one!