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mercedeezbenzz in wpg_misty_grdns



My condolences go out to everyone that has lost their pet and trusted that these sick individuals would take care of out faithful friend(s) and treat them with the up most respect that they deserved. May we find some small comfort in knowing  "What goes around comes around".

My parents lost their beloved Golden Retriever this Summer. Kiefer was only eight years old and he suddenly got sick what seemed like overnight. He was immediately taken to the vet and after going through the various tests it was determined that he had a tumour in his Kidney. He received surgery and seemed to be doing well for the first week, appearing to return to normal despite his lengthy incision and some discomfort. Unfortunately it did not last, and he took a turn for the worse where once again he was rushed to the vet for treatment where it was then determined that he had another tumour that was in his lung. My parents were absolutely devastated at this news, considering his young age, and how he went from being an active healthy dog, to a deterioting shell in a matter of weeks. 
The decision was finally made to put him to rest due to his suffering and to have him cremated through the vet clinic, which unfortunately dealt with Misty Gardens.

My parents were devasted as any pet owner is when they lose their pet, and the comfort of having Kiefer home with them was something that was so important for them to cling to. I still remember the day mom got the call to pick up his urn and she told me that she was "Bringing him home".....Several weeks later, the horror of Misty Gardens unfolded.

We were so stunned, and we didn't know what to do and still don't in some ways. My parents were so distraught and still are,  that they could not come to pursue any course of action, whether it came to identifying the remains in the urn, following up with Conservation, or being a voice. Guilt  was also a factor that came into affect by mom as she decided to take him to a different vet instead of the one we had used for years as it was a closer location and was recommended by a friend.  Our own grief, sorrow and fears about finding out what really happened to our pet unfortunatly got in the way of facing the reality of this nightmare. We wanted to believe that Kiefer was in that urn and that he was maybe one of the lucky ones that was cared for properly. 

After having some time to grieve and deciding that I can no longer sit back quietly in the hopes that it will go away, I decided that I need to pursue some answers for my family and for Kiefer's memory.

Therefore I want to personally thank all of you fine people on here that have volunteered their advice and have spoken out for all these wonderful pets, and for people that didn't have the strength at the time to do so like us.  You all should feel proud of the the effort you have put forward. 

We will probably never know if we have our Kiefer back, but it's very comforting and an honor to know that if he is out there with one of you  he will be well taken care of. 

Our family and Kiefer (R.I.P. Kee) are extremely grateful

Thanks again


Sorry for your loss. It's very hard losing a family member. Our dog died in Nov 2006 and we still miss her very much. Its hard not knowing what happened to her at domestic animal cremation, whether she was mass cremated or buried in a pit. It's the not knowing and the fact that we will never know thats killing us. Hopefully things will get better in time and we can remember the good memories we have of her and not the way it all ended. The urn that we received back is in a special spot in our living room and it will always be taken care of.
Thank you for your reply Theresad. I am so sorry about your loss as well. You are so right about the not knowing. It is killing us as well. It's sad that we all have the great memories to cling to, but have had to have them tainted by what happened.

The urn we received is also in a special spot, and my mom told me that my dad touches it every morning before he goes to work. They had a pretty special relationship and spent a lot of time together.