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lawrence_hurd in wpg_misty_grdns

proposed video

 I am in the process of making a video for all the pet victims of Gail harris and misty gardens. I would appreciate any and all pictures of pets that you might like included along with a note about your lost companion(likes/dislikes, nicknames etc) . I have a group set up on Facebook and there are several pictures uploaded there but would like to include as many pets as I can. The video will be done in very good taste and be very respectful of all pets but is also being designed to have maximal impact. Gail needs to be brought to justice. Please assiste me if possible in  my project. My facebook group can be found by searching Lawrence Hurd and any emails can be sent to lohurd@hotmail.com     Lawrence



this is all new to me. I cant believe I am just hearing about this now and no one told me, I mean the people closest to me. I dont have any pictures of my baby Riley on the computer but I would like him to be included if possible. I am very upset about all of this. If there is anyway I could mail you pictures I would appreciate it...thank you Korrin



I'm sorry Korrin......for both your loss and finding this information about Misty Garden.....my facebook group is a valuable resourse ......i have completed the video and it is posted on youtube along with other videos (cbc news reports etc) ....Sadly yesterday was the first anniversary of the loss of my Thunder but also the fist birthday of his son Thorson (son of Thunder) i have included the link to the video......and a link to Thunders video (if you chose to watch please watch until the end of Thunders vid it has a very happy ending)



again i am so sorry you are just finding out about this now Larry