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crowdog66 in wpg_misty_grdns

Minutes of the coffee meeting

Four of us met at the Second Cup last night and had a good long talk about a few things. In brief:

1) What legal action can be taken against Gail Harrison? Does opening up the urns to see what's inside compromise evidence that might be used against her? (My husband says no... "chain of evidence" only applies in criminal cases, not civil suits). Who should be sued: Harrison (who was subcontracted by the veterinary clinics), or the clinics themselves?

2) Sandra, who was not present last night, was talking about possibly setting up a memorial headstone for the pets who were lost at Misty Gardens. Gord, who was there last night, suggested that it might be set up at the Winnipeg Humane Society.

3) We also talked about things that might be included in the petition to the Legislative Assembly. These might not all be practical, but the point of brainstorming sessions is to suggest anything that comes to mind.

-- the first thing to do is to look at the Cemeteries Act as a potential model
-- protection of pet cemeteries in perpetuity
-- requirements for documentation of animal remains through the burial/disposal process, standardized and legally enforced, with records regularly checked and a better tagging/tracking system
-- accountability of vet clinics for subcontracted work; making the vets legally responsible as contractors
-- ongoing spot inspections at pet cemeteries/crematoriums by officials (Manitoba Conservation? Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association?)
-- regular inspection of the incincerators/equipment and legal requirements for the nature of the equipment (no garbage incinerators such as were being used at DAC)
-- legislation that "the equipment employed shall be suitable for its intended purpose" (for example, individual cremations, which were promised but not done at DAC)

4) Going out to the La Salle site in the first couple of weeks of November to do a blessing/consecration service on the two mounds at the front of the property (which probably contain animal remains). Are there any other mounds around the property? Is the pet cemetery still accessible since it has been seized from Harrison and is now liable to go up for auction? Can someone who's been out there tell us if there is a fence around the cemetery itself that separates it from the rest of the land around it?

5) Remind the media that the story isn't over. The cemetery is up for auction, which puts the fate of the animals currently buried there in jeopardy; many people still don't know what happened to their little ones; Gail Harrison has apparently "vanished" and can't be found (or so I hear). I'm going to try to do that this week, but want to wait a couple of days for the furor over the Derek Harvey-Zenk case to die down a little (and what a mess THAT is...)

Any feedback, information or suggestions would be appreciated.



We visited the cemetery today (June 21, 2008)

We went to the cemetery today. We cannot say that we were shocked by the terrible state of neglect throughout the cemetery. Knee high weeds choked out and buried most of the headstones. We had to trample through the weeds just to get to our dog's (Angel) grave. Within a few years, none of the graves will be accessible due to nature taking over.

There's no tape to block entry into the cemetery but you can see tape on the doorknobs of the office. We saw two large mounds at the entrance to the cemetery but didn't know what they were for.

We feel very sad and angry about the whole thing. This was supposed to be a calm and restful place for our dog and for us but it's not anymore.

We were wondering if concerned pet owners could get together to raise money for the upkeep of the cemetery? We cannot do it alone. Has anyone brought this up?

Choo and Earl