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crowdog66 in wpg_misty_grdns

A note to the community

Hello, all:

I am going in tomorrow for a medical procedure which carries a possibility that something might go seriously wrong. If that happens, and I end up in hospital, happychow is also a community maintainer and can continue to run things in my absence.

I've asked my husband to make a post here if things go badly pear-shaped.

In that event, I just wanted to say that I'm glad we had a chance to connect through this LiveJournal. I've been honored to hear your stories and read your comments, and I wish everybody all the best in the future.

Stay strong, and goodnight.


as i mentioned on your private journal, i'm here for you, sister.


Greg from Misty Gardens - July 2007

Hello Greg,
can you tell me when you stopped working at Misty Gardens/D.A.C, and if you are doing okay.