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Apr. 28th, 2013



2007 Feels Like Yesterday

Originally posted by happychow at 2007 Feels Like Yesterday
I haven't touched this account since 2007. As many of you know, my Chow Chow dog, Teddy, was sent to the Misty Gardens crematorium. It was very difficult to deal with, the thought that people could so callously treat our precious pets in such a way. I will never forget it.

Some of you know that I got a new Chow Chow from the Wpg Humane Society. (Her picture is my profile.) She was 9 years old, so I knew I might not have her for long. Patience passed away in October, 2011. It broke my heart, as I had been suffering from depression and she was great therapy for me.

While I had Patience, I adopted another Chow, Ludlow, from Wpg Animal Services, in hopes that when Patience passed on that he would be of some comfort. He helped a lot, because the home didn't feel so empty, but losing Patience still had a great impact on me.

Unfortunately, Ludlow passed away in his sleep in July, 2012. It was shocking to wake up in the morning and see him lying in his bed as I had left him the night before after brushing his teeth for bed time. I miss his beautiful, kind spirit so much. His gorgeous brown eyes would melt your heart.

I don't have any dogs now, and I don't know if I ever could. Each loss takes everything out of you. Can I handle it any more?

i hope everybody reading this who was involved in the group we started is doing well. Hug your dogs and other furred and feathered friends for me.

Lots of love,
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Feb. 10th, 2008


Re: Former employee of Misty Gardens

Thanks for writing in Jan 25th. I have worked on trying to get the authorities to look at this but they won't. They say it's a civil thing about not getting what you paid for. Ya right. Please email me At questforkiya@hotmail.com. It's not over.... Thanks. 

To all pet owners affected by this unbelievable ordeal:
We realize that everyone is trying to move on.  The work has been done to approach govt. with the proposed laws but those who compiled the information feel it would be fair to have the public's input.  Believe it that this is still happening today.   While we are at it, I think it's about time to also change the term "waste" when describing the remains of our pets.  Just look at the multiple bylaws or organizations within the province.  And hey why not give Brady a call and ask them.  You only have to bag your pet twice and it's just peachy to toss them in there.  Please consult with your local vet about disposal.  Oh, and get it in writing.
P.S. For those of you who do not know, your pet is conscientiously placed into a plain old garbage bag and not a special bag that says it's anything other than garbage.   (blankets can't hold in the release of fluids from the body in transit). Let's just say we need to make a few changes, hmm?

Feb. 4th, 2008


Manitoba Pet Cemetery Laws

 Hello to all.  Some time ago it was posted that there were people working behind the scenes to get laws passed to ensure that Gail Harrison and others never hurt pet owners again.  The time has come to act on that promise.  Over the last 3 months, research has been done on laws from Alberta to New York to Florida in order to find something that would suite our situation here in Manitoba.  It was decided that the New York and Illinois Pet Cemetery Laws were the best to be used as a blueprint.  Those laws have been reworked and reworded.  
The intention of the proposed laws are to regulate the industry, hold veterinarians and pet crematoriums responsible for their actions, and prevent monsters like Gail Harrison from ever re-entering the pet cemetery/crematorium business again.  The proposed laws would not over-regulate the existing businesses that are acting with integrity and honor to the point where they are no longer economically viable. 
After reviewing the Manitoba laws, it is understood that Gail Harrison broke no laws regarding the disposal of our beloved pets and if she is to be charged, it will be for the improper storage of the syringes, and biohazardous materials.  There are laws for farmers regarding the storage and disposal of dead stock, (livestock only), but not domesticated animals.  Manitoba Health even has an online how to sheet with instructions how to dispose of a dead animal in the garbage.  The laws don't need to be changed, there are no laws in Manitoba to change.  The laws need to be drawn up and enacted.  
An MLA for one of the rural Manitoba ridings has come on board and offered to address the Misty Gardens Pet Cemetery Horror in Parliament by entering proposed laws as a Private Member's Bill.  He supports that the proposed laws first be previewed by the victims of Misty Gardens, prior to being handed over to him.   If there is enough interest, perhaps a meeting could be planned.  If not, the proposed laws will be given to the MLA for to use as he sees fit.  For all of you victims who are interested in having a voice in these proposed laws, please contact us at:          petsofmisty@yahoo.com
Thank you to all.

Dec. 20th, 2007




My condolences go out to everyone that has lost their pet and trusted that these sick individuals would take care of out faithful friend(s) and treat them with the up most respect that they deserved. May we find some small comfort in knowing  "What goes around comes around".

My parents lost their beloved Golden Retriever this Summer. Kiefer was only eight years old and he suddenly got sick what seemed like overnight. He was immediately taken to the vet and after going through the various tests it was determined that he had a tumour in his Kidney. He received surgery and seemed to be doing well for the first week, appearing to return to normal despite his lengthy incision and some discomfort. Unfortunately it did not last, and he took a turn for the worse where once again he was rushed to the vet for treatment where it was then determined that he had another tumour that was in his lung. My parents were absolutely devastated at this news, considering his young age, and how he went from being an active healthy dog, to a deterioting shell in a matter of weeks. 
The decision was finally made to put him to rest due to his suffering and to have him cremated through the vet clinic, which unfortunately dealt with Misty Gardens.

My parents were devasted as any pet owner is when they lose their pet, and the comfort of having Kiefer home with them was something that was so important for them to cling to. I still remember the day mom got the call to pick up his urn and she told me that she was "Bringing him home".....Several weeks later, the horror of Misty Gardens unfolded.

We were so stunned, and we didn't know what to do and still don't in some ways. My parents were so distraught and still are,  that they could not come to pursue any course of action, whether it came to identifying the remains in the urn, following up with Conservation, or being a voice. Guilt  was also a factor that came into affect by mom as she decided to take him to a different vet instead of the one we had used for years as it was a closer location and was recommended by a friend.  Our own grief, sorrow and fears about finding out what really happened to our pet unfortunatly got in the way of facing the reality of this nightmare. We wanted to believe that Kiefer was in that urn and that he was maybe one of the lucky ones that was cared for properly. 

After having some time to grieve and deciding that I can no longer sit back quietly in the hopes that it will go away, I decided that I need to pursue some answers for my family and for Kiefer's memory.

Therefore I want to personally thank all of you fine people on here that have volunteered their advice and have spoken out for all these wonderful pets, and for people that didn't have the strength at the time to do so like us.  You all should feel proud of the the effort you have put forward. 

We will probably never know if we have our Kiefer back, but it's very comforting and an honor to know that if he is out there with one of you  he will be well taken care of. 

Our family and Kiefer (R.I.P. Kee) are extremely grateful

Thanks again

Dec. 5th, 2007


proposed video

 I am in the process of making a video for all the pet victims of Gail harris and misty gardens. I would appreciate any and all pictures of pets that you might like included along with a note about your lost companion(likes/dislikes, nicknames etc) . I have a group set up on Facebook and there are several pictures uploaded there but would like to include as many pets as I can. The video will be done in very good taste and be very respectful of all pets but is also being designed to have maximal impact. Gail needs to be brought to justice. Please assiste me if possible in  my project. My facebook group can be found by searching Lawrence Hurd and any emails can be sent to lohurd@hotmail.com     Lawrence

Nov. 4th, 2007


(no subject)

Just wanted to let everyone know what happened when we phoned to get information.  First we'll start with the RCMP.  They were just at the site with conservation manitoba when the clean up was done to make sure nobody interferred.    Consumers Bureau have nothing to do with the case.  They just told us to contact our vet for a refund, if the vet wouldn't give refund then phone them back.  Conservation Manitoba made sure the animals in the  freezers were taken care of and Vet Association notified owners.  Also Conservation Manitoba handed over their files to a crown attorney to see if Gail Harrison should be charged for breaking environmental laws (harzardous waste disposal).  There was no paperwork to let us know what happened to our dog once she left the vets office.  We have the name of the employee who picked her up but no one will provide us with any information.  Some people are obtaining lawyers.  We just wanted to know what you hoped to get out of it.  What are your lawyers telling you?  If no one can provide us with answers and Gail won't be charged with what she did to the animals then are you just trying to get your money back?  We don't have a lawyer and before we start to look for one we just want to know if it would be worth it. 

Oct. 31st, 2007



Minutes of the coffee meeting

Four of us met at the Second Cup last night and had a good long talk about a few things. In brief:

1) What legal action can be taken against Gail Harrison? Does opening up the urns to see what's inside compromise evidence that might be used against her? (My husband says no... "chain of evidence" only applies in criminal cases, not civil suits). Who should be sued: Harrison (who was subcontracted by the veterinary clinics), or the clinics themselves?

2) Sandra, who was not present last night, was talking about possibly setting up a memorial headstone for the pets who were lost at Misty Gardens. Gord, who was there last night, suggested that it might be set up at the Winnipeg Humane Society.

3) We also talked about things that might be included in the petition to the Legislative Assembly. These might not all be practical, but the point of brainstorming sessions is to suggest anything that comes to mind.

Thoughts on what might be included in the petition to the Legislative AssemblyCollapse )

4) Going out to the La Salle site in the first couple of weeks of November to do a blessing/consecration service on the two mounds at the front of the property (which probably contain animal remains). Are there any other mounds around the property? Is the pet cemetery still accessible since it has been seized from Harrison and is now liable to go up for auction? Can someone who's been out there tell us if there is a fence around the cemetery itself that separates it from the rest of the land around it?

5) Remind the media that the story isn't over. The cemetery is up for auction, which puts the fate of the animals currently buried there in jeopardy; many people still don't know what happened to their little ones; Gail Harrison has apparently "vanished" and can't be found (or so I hear). I'm going to try to do that this week, but want to wait a couple of days for the furor over the Derek Harvey-Zenk case to die down a little (and what a mess THAT is...)

Any feedback, information or suggestions would be appreciated.

Oct. 29th, 2007



A petition to change the laws?

This comment in another thread deserves space here on the front page:

A note for all the readers of this blog. There is a group of people working diligently behind the scenes to produce a presentation on behalf of the people affected by Gail Harrison, Misty Gardens and Domestic Animal Cremation. This presentation will be introduced first to the people of this blog, then to related agencies for their input. Ultimately we hope it will result in a petition which will find its way to the Legislative Assembly for the consideration of new laws governing the cremation and burial of domestic animals. For those of you attending the coffee klatch, or anyone out there affected by this horror, we need you to discuss, think about, and consider what laws/changes are needed in this province to prevent another Harrison Horror. Food for thought. We will provide more info at a later date.

I look forward to hearing more about this in the future.


Comfirmation of coffee meeting on Tuesday, OCTOBER 30th

Hello, all:

I'm back from the clinic and fairly sore, but by tomorrow night I should be fully recovered. So this is to confirm that I will be at the Second Cup coffee shop at Corydon Avenue and Cockburn Street at 7 pm tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

This is what I look like:


I'll also have a yellow votive candleholder on the table with a lit tealight in it.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Oct. 28th, 2007



A note to the community

Hello, all:

I am going in tomorrow for a medical procedure which carries a possibility that something might go seriously wrong. If that happens, and I end up in hospital, happychow is also a community maintainer and can continue to run things in my absence.

I've asked my husband to make a post here if things go badly pear-shaped.

In that event, I just wanted to say that I'm glad we had a chance to connect through this LiveJournal. I've been honored to hear your stories and read your comments, and I wish everybody all the best in the future.

Stay strong, and goodnight.

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